Worry no more, you can still find some festive cheer in Tier 4

Worry no more, you can still find some festive cheer in Tier 4

With all hopes dashed of anything resembling a normal Christmas for most of us, we need to take our festive inspiration from wherever we can. Thankfully, the residents of Streatham have not let us down with their decorations this year.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been on the lookout for homes that have gone out of their way to bring some festive cheer and those which have impressed with their approach to wreaths and fairy lights.

From the striking to the understated, we’ve captured a small selection and added their locations so you can see for yourselves – there’s not much else to do after all!

We hope you enjoy the roundup and can cheer up your Christmas holidays with some festive walks.  However, we are sure that there are many more worthy contenders that we haven’t yet found. Please do share your favourites with us by posting and tagging #MyStreatham on Instagram and if you spot your house in the highlights below, do let us know!

The colour green symbolises health, new beginnings and wealth and this house on Rydal Road has totally shown it at its best.

Sadly, we were too early to see this stunning Lewin Road house in its full potential but we can imagine it’s picture-perfect in the dark.

The True meaning of Christmas…

This family on Covington Way have made such a huge effort to that ensure passers-by don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a beautiful sentiment done so effectively.

This household on Etherstone Gardens always makes a big effort and this year’s display is simply awesome!

In recent years there has been a trend for more understated single coloured lights but this beautiful tree on Copley Park shows how colours can be classy.

Written by: KoyahPR

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