Shop independent for the best pizza in Streatham

My Streatham Bravi Ragazzi Pizza Restaurant Take Away

Shop independent for the best pizza in Streatham

Did you know, we’re lucky enough to have two award-winning independent pizzerias right here in Streatham? They’ve consistently been recognised by the likes of Time Out London and they are both named in The Evening Standard’s best pizza in London guide. We are, of course, talking about Addome and Bravi Ragazzi.

Why shop independent?

First up, they generally tend to be a lot cheaper than the chain restaurants or takeaways. In either of these pizzerias, you can get a medium-size pizza for between £7.50 and £12. If you order the same at a chain restaurant, it’ll set you back around £15.

Next, the service is better. Whether you’re ordering a takeaway delivery or dining in the restaurant, you’re likely to get fantastic service from an independent. These families were brought up on pizza and the tomato sauce runs through their veins. They care about the business and the product they’re serving you. You’ll be hard-pushed to find chefs at Pizza Express or Papa Johns who take pride in their food like these pizzerias do.

Finally, the pizza is as authentic as it gets. These pizzas are baked with the freshest ingredients, stretched and topped in front of your eyes and baked in wood-fired pizza ovens the way pizza should be. The variety of pizza toppings is vast. It mirrors what you’d find in Italy (you won’t find any pineapple on these pizzas) but you’ll discover new combinations of ingredients if you’re willing to try them. An added bonus is that Addome switches up their offering every 7 days offering a weekly menu of specials, so you can try something new every time you go.

So we have one question; is your mouth watering yet?

Where to find them

Swing by Adomme on Shernhold Avenue or Bravi Ragazzi on Sunnyhill Road and let us know what you think!

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