Streatham Estate Agents Who Care

Streatham Estate Agents Who Care

Streatham Estate Agents Who Care

With a whole host of different estate agencies lining Streatham High Road, leading London estate agents Douglas & Gordon have launched a new ‘hybrid-style’ agency to join the property boom in Streatham without taking away valuable high street space from local businesses.

As well as supporting local businesses Douglas & Gordon also sponsor Streatham Common Co-Operative known locally as SCCoop, a local community run social enterprise managing Streatham Rookery. The Rookery which is based in Streatham Common is the gem in the Streatham crown and locals revere it as a peaceful spot where people can be transported away from the city hustle and bustle. For those who haven’t yet visited, it’s a beautiful landscaped area with an ornamental pond, plant beds and a rock garden with streams. It has a lovely café, woodland and contains a new community garden.

“Supporting local charities, businesses and schools has always been important to Douglas & Gordon. They are the building blocks for our wonderful communities across London. We are really excited to be supporting Streatham Common Co-Operative and hope that we can help them make a difference to such a hidden gem in south-west London”  James Evans, CEO

Douglas & Gordon‘s property brokers like Charlie Mitchell are local residents themselves and therefore genuinely passionate about the area. Living and breathing Streatham, they have comprehensive local knowledge and are able to provide a first class service to people who want to both buy or sell their property.

The property brokers work around the clock, 7 days a week to suit the real needs of the buyers and sellers. Working from home, they can make themselves available at any point and fit their own lives and family around work, to create a service which is flexible for everyone.

We’ve heard a lot about the high calibre of service which Douglas & Gordon provide, so we thought we would test it out for ourselves and go through the process of having our property valued for a potential sale. Here’s what happened…

“Firstly we received a quick phone call to gather some contact details and basic information about the property. Right away the friendly brokers came over to our maisonette in Streatham at a convenient time and began the valuation process. They took a look around the property and provided us with advice about how we could increase the property value as well as what’s happening with the local property market. By the end of the day we already had an official valuation sent over and were seriously impressed by the quality and efficiency of their support. Douglas & Gordon really are the next level up when it comes to selling property in Streatham.”Lewis Davis

As a trusted source of local information, we want local residents to know about Douglas & Gordon who are our recommended estate agency in Streatham. Although you won’t see one of their offices on the high street, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there working tirelessly and on days and at times other wont to sell your property. Streatham has seen a boom in the property market in recent times and an estate agency like Douglas & Gordon who not only care about the community but actively support it are really welcome here.

If you’re thinking about selling your property in the Streatham area then get in contact with Douglas & Gordon today.

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